My art includes sculptures, installations, public constructions, works on paper, and photographs. My two and three dimensional pieces frequently develop in tandem and use similar techniques such as assembling and erasing. However varied my output, the work is conceptually unified around ideas of time, history, transience, and remembrance.

Many pieces investigate commemoration and the state of absence that is intimately tied to memorials. My sculptures in particular reference memorial markers, those stones with metal plaques that honor a place, event, or vista. These markers give tangible form to memory, embodying that which is lost.

My sculptures are typically made from wood and veneered with various materials such as thin steel, plastic laminate, or plaster. They rework memorial forms and at times employ found materials that bear the traces of time and use. Several of the works have an autobiographical aspect as they incorporate and recontextualize objects from my personal past. These small objects complicate the formal abstraction; geometric forms transform into mysterious monuments.

My works on paper attempt to capture a fleeting presence or place that no longer exists; they are a way of hunting ghosts. Voids, windows, and frames often appear as motifs. Photo-based imagery is collaged and layered, mirrored and doubled.